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This six weeks intensive course covers all the crucial aspects of the Global Oil & Gas industry across its entire value chain. The course provides the necessary foundation for individuals and organizations whose work or business intersects or involves contact with the Oil & Gas industry.

The course is comprised of 12 sessions delivered through a combination of lectures, Industry videos, group discussions and assignments.

Minimum Contact Hours:    75    

The oil and gas industry impacts organisations, individuals and societies worldwide. To position a country or a company for success in this competitive industry, it is crucial to understand how the business side of the oil industry functions.

This course provides the opportunity to study the oil and gas business from the perspective of the entire value chain, analyze oil and gas management strategies of global organisations and discover the unique and critical business issues of today’s global energy marketplace. The interactive methods of teaching preferred by Quest Energy, enables participants to develop professional capabilities and strategies to lead in the oil and gas industry globally.

This Oil & Gas management essentials course is designed for those whose work or business would gain from an understanding of the internal and external environment of the global oil and gas industry. The course would greatly benefit government policy makers, those in support roles within the oil and gas industry such as HR, Procurement, Finance, IT, Administration, PR, Marketing, Sales, Operational and other Support functions. The course is also ideal for those intending to seek employment in the Oil Industry.