East African OHSSE Passport scheme

About the Passport
The East African OHSSE Passport is designed to  provide an internationally recognised standard  for Health and Safety training, which is cost-effective, easily accessible, tests delegates’ knowledge and can be tailored to particular industry sectors.

Benefits of the Passport

  • Developed on a multi-sectoral platform to promote general & sector specific workplace Health & Safety standards.
  • A verifiable standard for employers when recruiting staff.
  • Training can be carried out in-house or at Quest Energy’s OHSE training facility in Kampala.
  • Increased safety awareness contributing to higher standards of safety performance.
  • Validation accepted across sectors
  • Shorter site specific induction.
  • One stop Quality OHSE training provider
  • Overall cost reduction to Client and Contractor

Who we work with
The East African OHSSE Passport is delivered by a partnership of accredited training providers and experts across a range of sectors. These industry leaders have over the years consistently provided the highest standard in training for their respective specialities.

The training Programs

  • First Aid Training                    
  • Fire Fighting Training
  • Defensive Driving Training
  • Off road Driving Training
  • Security Management Training
  • Introduction to OHSE
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness training
  • Workplace safety (hazards and risks control) training
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) training
  • Medical fitness to work examinations
  • Other OHSSE training

How to contact us?
Visit Quest Energy at our offices at IPSK Building, Plot 609/611, Zimwe Road Muyenga - Kisugu
Tel: + 256 414 695610
Website: www.questenergyug.com | Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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