What we do


At Quest Energy we acknowledge the prevailing  global skills shortage in the oil and gas industry and the situation is so much more critical in countries with newly discovered pre-production oil reserves. To mitigate the difficulties caused by this skilled labour shortage,  Quest Energy aims to utilize flexible  short courses  and bespoke training programs to deliver world class industry education to local markets at  affordable rates.
  • We provide tailored Oil & Gas training for government institutions whose functions directly impact or are impacted by the oil industry.
  • We provide capacity for Institutions of Higher Learning to develop and deliver Oil & Gas Education.
  • We develop and deliver accredited public courses on a range of Oil & Gas industry subjects.
  • We Provide In-house industry  skills training for oil companies on a wide range of subjects
  • For the downstream sector, we provide logistical solutions, benchmarking analysis, energy market studies and micro-marketing.

Quest Energy